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2012 ACH Seminar Audio Recordings

Audio Recording

Price for the Seminar Recordings: $99

Hello! My name is Jarrett, and in 2012 I helped Ben Gilmore record his American Christian History seminar, and was given permission to sell the recordings.

I appreciate the opportunity to provide these resources to you on behalf of Ben Gilmore, James Rose, and Sue Carnes.

Contents of the Seminar Recordings:

About the Seminar

If you are interested in learning more about the True and Miraculous events which led to the founding of the United States...

This seminar is for you!

Emphasis of the seminar

  • To present principles of Biblical government.
  • To illustrate the hand of God in His story.
  • To understand the logic of good government.

Among Topics to be studied from this three-fold viewpoint are:

  • How to recognize the unique principles that make our system work.
  • Why the qualities of self-government have always determined the form of civil government.
  • The character qualities our founders felt would be necessary for continued American liberty.
  • Our American form of local government in the context of world history.
  • An understanding of local government versus centralized authority.
  • Unity with diversity — liberty of association

“Wisdom” is the word assigned to each of the three New Testament Greek words: sophis, phonesis, sunesis.

Translated into general meanings, one gets “bigpicture, practics, mechanics.”

The faculty members are master teachers, each gifted in one of these three fields.

The curriculum is built upon seven Biblical principles, each approached in turn from these three viewpoints.

The material used to illustrate these principles is that which God used to inspire those who founded our nation.


Files will be provided in an email, as a link to Dropbox, where you can add them to your device (phone, tablet, or computer). If you'd like a different format, feel free to contact me at jarrett@jtilford.com to discuss options.

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